Medical marijuana advocates cheer Rauner's about-face

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Medical cannabis supporters are praising Gov. Bruce Rauner's about-face on expanding Illinois' pilot program, stating it will allow time to show the program is rewarding and assist more clients who are suffering.

Democratic state Rep. Lou Lang revealed an agreement late Friday with the Republican governor to extend Illinois' four-year pilot program to 2020. It had actually been set to end in 2018; however supporters argued more time was required because medical marijuana weed delivery sales just started in November 2015.

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L.A. County extends medical cannabis growing

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L.a County supervisors voted Tuesday to extend a short-lived restriction on growing medical marijuana in unincorporated areas by one month, but shelved a proposed 10-month restriction.

In asking to delay a vote on the longer ban, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl kept in mind that there is a likelihood that Californians will vote in November to legislate recreational marijuana use.

"If they do pass, we need to control and not ban," she stated.

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Pets on pot: is medical marijuana giving ill animals a necessary dosage of relief?

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Bernie, a 130-pound Swiss mountain pet dog, began having grand mal seizures when he was six months old. About when a week he would violently shake, foam at the mouth, and urinate on himself for numerous minutes prior to recovering an or so hour later. The medication he was provided seriously disoriented him, was damaging to his liver and for the most part didn’t work.

At the end of their rope, Bernie s moms and dads decided to put him on an animal supplement derived from marijuana. Gradually, his seizures ended up being less severe and less frequent,

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